Collection: Non-exclusive licence geometrics

23 products
  • Pastel plaid pattern
    Pastel tones plade pattern on a dress  available for licensing
  • Purple Modern plaid
    Purple Modern plaid on junior dress
  • Red and green plaid
    Girl wearing Red and green plaid on a mock up
  • Multi colors squares
    Shop multi-colored squares print on dress mock up
  • Dark blue plaid
    Dark blueplaid on women activewear mock up
  • Green checkerboard
    Green checkerboard pattern surface design on a mock up bag
  • Blue polka dots
    Blue polka dots full repeat
  • Modern pink polka dots
    Modern pink polka dots on coffee mug and paper bag mock up
  • Ornament
    Ornament pattern on shower curtain
  • Purple triangles
    Purple triangles on poster
  • Four color checkerboard
    Four color checkerboard on poster
  • Square stripes
    Square stripes on poster
  • Irregular stripe
    Irregular stripe surface esin on poster surface
  • Subdued tone polka dots
    Subdued tone polka dots on activewear mock up
  • White polka dots on green
    White polka dots on green pattern on bag mock up
  • Brown green polka dots
    Brown green polka dots full repeat
  • Orange polka dots
  • Big ditsy dots
    Big ditsy dots surface pattern design on wall paper
  • Green geo
    Green geo surface pattern design on yoga pants
  • Blue ornament
    Blue ornament surface design on fabric
  • Bright squares
    Bright squares on poster
  • Loop stripes
    Loop stripes on paper bag
  • Irregular geo
    Irregular geo full repeat